W.T. Young Storage Company

W.T. Young Storage Company


The Lexington Cartage Company, our trucking subsidiary, commands a large fleet of tractors, trailers, and straight trucks, and provides service in Lexington and Fayette County, as well as all locations throughout the continental United States. We can pick up or deliver goods anywhere from coast to coast and offer such services as freight consolidation and shipment routing. Single-source transportation and warehouse service is more efficient, minimizes inventory carrying costs, and ensures "just in time" delivery to customers.

With our central geographic location and extensive distribution services, transportation costs remain low, and your consumer markets are never far away.

Private trucking subsidiary will pick up and deliver goods anywhere in the continental United States.


W.T. Young Storage has the ability to:
Pick up merchandise from your plant
Transport merchandise to our warehouse locations
Store merchandise until receipt of shipping orders
Perform product quality inspection, repackaging and other custom services
Assemble outgoing customer orders
Deliver merchandise to customer locations

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